Saturday, July 27, 2013

Artylicious Cakes is a Winner!

If you live in the Raleigh, NC area and haven't tried anything from Artylicious Cakes, you are truly missing out.  Everything they make is incredible, which doesn't surprise me at all.  I met with the owner, Iriene Wangsawidjaja about 2 years ago when she was baking deliciousness out of her home.  I knew she was a winner from the get-go and am so proud of her for living her dream of owning a matter how tired she is right now.  It will get better, Iriene, I promise!

It's hard for me to profess a favorite, as everything she makes is literally so delicious it's hard to stop eating.  Her macarons are incredible--so light and airy and she does not use heavy American buttercream, which is a big plus for my blood sugar levels. Plus right now she is only charging $1.25 per macaron--UNHEARD OF in any area.  Heck, I was paying $4 per macaron in New York City last fall and they weren't near as good as these.

I will be posting more photos of Artylicious Cakes baked goods soon.  I have a feeling I won't be able to stay away for long.  Her pistachio cake is calling my name this weekend.

We are seeking Cake Critics!

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We may be looking for you.  This fall, we will be revising The Cake Critic blog, and are seeking a few critics to write reviews of bakeries in their area.

If you consider yourself an entertaining writer and think you have what it takes, shoot us an email with a critque of your own.

We will be making our decisions this November.  Show us what you're made of!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

WeddingWire Cupcakes

Ah, yes...Bridal Market in New York City.  There are many cupcake "specialists" up that way, and the macarons are sought out by anyone wanting a very tasty, yet delicate and expensive treat.  (I was lucky to have found a specialty shop for macarons, but didn't take any photos.)

  Being the busybody that I am, there was no time to sample them all, and my waistline thanked me for it...however, I was able to eat one cupcake at Pier 94 that WeddingWire was handing out, along with a glass of champagne.
They were good.  Nothing spectacular about them, but good.  The champagne was more of an interest for me by that time of day anyhow.  ;)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sweet Cakes from a Bridesmaid

What could be better than wedding cupcakes made by your very own bridesmaid?  These beauties were all hand-decorated by a lovely and creative bridesmaid (I won't say your name) that I encountered this weekend.  I tried the vanilla cupcake, which was extremely moist.  The frosting was perfect, not overly sweet, and the cupcake liner was silver--perfectly matching the yellow and gray decor of the wedding.

Great job!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Down Home Family-Style Wedding Cake

This wedding cake sat in the middle of the head table, which wasn't your traditional head table, mind you.  It was family style, the whole them of the wedding itself.

At this reception, the main wedding cake was a two-tier cake resembling packages.  Surrounding the "packages" were Ball jars filled with Chex Mix--takeaways for the guests to enjoy later.

On each table sat a crate like this one, with two chalkboards on 2 sides and Ball jars on the other 2 sides.  Each table was named after a favorite TV show or book of the couple.  Each table also had a small wedding cake, enough for 6-8 people to enjoy.

The cake was incredibly moist and we think it was a sweet potato cake, but not 100% sure.  The fondant was excellent--very moist and chewy, how I like it.  Not much buttercream was used, which was such a blessing, too.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Edible Art, Raleigh, NC

Tonight I was incredibly lucky enough to attend an event where Edible Art of Raleigh NC had a booth.  They had three flavors for clients to sample.  I could not stay away from the orange cake.  Those who know my tastes know that if I say I can't stay away from a particular cake, it must be phenomenal.  Well...this one is phenomenal...and it's made from scratch!

Not to say that their white cake and almond cakes were not phenomenal (they absolutely were!!!!!) but the orange cake really got my attention.

Edible Art switched hands last year.  They have rebranded their logo and style, and have produced some new recipes, such as this age-old orange cake that is so good I could have taken the entire cake home with me.  The next kid in my family gets an orange cake for her birthday regardless of if she wants-it-or not-type-of-good.  Get my drift?

ORDER THIS CAKE!  You won't be dissatisfied.  (Unless you don't like orange cake I guess.)

Oh, and here are some samples of what their wedding cakes can look like, ladies.  Note the incredible (edible) art on the cake?  Want a tasting?  Call them now and tell them The Cake Critic referred you!
(919) 856-0604 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sweet Memories Cake

Understated elegance.  This cake was superb; so good that I'm not sure if any of the cake was left by the end of the night.  Tiramisu flavor, oh so moist...slice not large enough.  :)