Saturday, May 21, 2011

Coastal Cupcakes, Wilmington, NC


Greeted with a smile, given the option of all sorts of flavors--which I chose key lime and angel food raspberry.

Both of these flavors were excellent.  I could have eaten a dozen of each!  The angel food cake had the perfect flavor and texture when biting in, along with the raspberry  The key lime a bit of a crunch when biting in, which I found amazing.  It was not too tart but tart enough and sweet enough to be simpl

Coastal Cupcakes also has red velvet cake which kicks the butt of most red velvets I have tasted.

Always good customer service, and fast.  They take orders in advance.  Very accommodating!

This is definitely the better of the two cupcake stores in Wilmington.  Hands down.  Don't bother going to the other one when you have the option of going to Coastal Cupcakes!

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