Friday, June 17, 2011

Bill's Pastry, Lynchburg, VA

Bill's Pastry Shop has been around for years--longer than I've been alive.  The original founder created all of the recipes that is currently used in the shop--from donuts to pies to cakes.

For this critique I was given Bill's Original cupcake, Blueberry Pancake Cupcake, and Almond Joy cupcake.  Bill's Original's cake was yellow, not a scratch cake.  It tasted manufactured.  It had a vanilla custard filling and super sweet white icing on top, then topped with Bill's Original chocolate and a maraschino cherry.  The cake was moist but did nothing for me at all.  The chocolate was very sweet and rich.  The custard was very light and very good actually.  It could easily be eaten by itself.  Overall I was not impressed by this creation even if it is Bill's Original.  For my tastes it was just too sweet, but we all have different desires when it comes to a cupcake.

The second cupcake was one of the most unusual creations I have yet to critique:  Blueberry Pancake.  Again, it was the yellow cake but with a blueberry cream and maple icing.  It was topped with bacon crumbles.  This cupcake was created six months ago and sells well for breakfast--as it should!  I closed my eyes and almost got the impression I was eating pancakes with bacon.  The flavors were odd indeed, however, for whatever reason they worked well together.

The Almond "Joy" was the last cupcake tried.  It was a very thick and moist chocolate cake with ganache on top, coconut filling and a few almonds as a topper.  This cupcake was incredibly moist and "chewy" for a cupcake.  It really did taste a lot like the candy bar.

I wonder what else old Bill had up his sleeve back in the day...

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