Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Cupcake Bar, Cary, NC

Finally.  I stopped in at Coffee & Crepes, which hosts a case of The Cup Cake Bar's cupcakes.  They had only a selection of four flavors, so I chose Chai Tea and Mexican Chocolate.

I tried the Chai Tea cupcake first.  I use a fork.  The first bite of the cake was exceptionally dry, so bad that I had to spit it out.  I tried another bite deeper into the cupcake and it was no better.  The frosting had a chai flavor with cinnamon sprinkled on top.  The frosting did absolutely no good on this cupcake and was too sweet on its own.  This cupcake was very bad and was immediately tossed in the trash can.

The second cupcake was Mexican Chocolate.  The cake was somewhat dry on the outside once the paper was removed but not dry enough on the inside to warrant not eating it, unlike the previous cake.  The frosting had a very interesting flavor to it--deep cinnamon.  This cupcake truly reminded me of Mexican hot chocolate, and I have consumed plenty of that to know how it tastes.  Although decent, it definitely does not get more than a 1.5 star because of the dryness of the cake.  The icing alone would have received a 3 star.

After the impromptu review, I realized that this bakery had turned me down for a critique.  Now I know why.
Ironically, my boys picked out some pound cake instead of cupcakes, pound cake which was made by the Coffee & Crepe's owner's mother.  This cake was wonderful.   It was absolutely delicious.  Very moist and dense with a rich buttery flavor and possibly a hint of banana.  The four star goes to Coffee & Crepe's Momma.  She gets her own review--I have to find out who she is.

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