Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lisa Wright, Cake Decorator

My visit with Lisa Wright from Harris Teeter Bakery off Creedmore Road in Raleigh, NC showed me what an inspired cake decorator can do while working under corporate limitations. Meticulous with inspiring design ideas--she can do wonders with buttercream at a grocery store. Imagine what she would be capable of doing in a professional bakery!

She is the lead cake decorator at this bakery.  She has over 20 years experience in cake baking/decorating.

For our cake tasting, she brought out a 3-D cake made from Harris Teeter's new yellow cake mix and a variety of petit fours.  The cake itself was ok, but what impressed me was the detail Lisa puts into the decorating of the cake and petit fours.
Each petit four had a character on top, as if for a child's birthday party.  They were incredibly cute.  The cake had beautiful, intricate work on top, sides, and well, pretty much everywhere.

Lisa Wright belongs in her own bakery.  I would love to taste some of her scratch cakes that I am sure she is qualified to make.  One day I hope she calls me back for a review of her baking skills.

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