Monday, July 18, 2011

Ai Cakes, Raleigh, NC

Iriene Wang impressed me upon my arrival for her cake critique.  She presented me with three mini-cakes decorated to an extent only reserved for truly special occasions.
The first cake was a beautiful three layer cake called "Forgiven but not forgotten."  It was made from egg yolks and is an Indonesian recipe.  I have to admit, an egg yolk cake did not sound appealing, but once tasted, I fell in love with it.  The cake was moist and had a chocolate/slightly mocha flavor to it.  The outside of the cake was equally impressive, as it was pink fondant with The Cake Critic performing critiques at a table full of cupcakes.  :)
The second cake was coffee cake.  Beautifully decorated on the outside as a cup of coffee--only not in an everyday ordinary mug.  This mug was a peacock, full of hand painted colorful feathers.  IMPRESSIVE to say the least!  Beautiful cake, delicious cake, one which I would definitely place an order for in the future.
The last cake was a peach mango cake, a new recipe.  It had raspberry jam and fresh raspberries in the middle with buttercream and the outside was decorated as a gift.  This cake was interesting--not too sweet, not overly moist but the jam and fruits soaked it a bit, making it a very interesting combination of taste and texture.  It was very enjoyable not only to me, but to my husband, who scarfed down the rest of the  cake once I brought it home.
Ai Cakes is going places in the Raleigh area.  Mark my word.  Iriene Wang will make it happen.  She is a perfectionist in cake decorating and belongs with the best of the best...and I'm not saying that because she gave me free cake.  These cakes are absolutely incredible in all ways!

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