Saturday, July 9, 2011

Savages Bakery, Birmingham, AL

I always dread when I have to give the 2 thumbs down review because sometimes people just have bad days.  Perhaps this was a really, really, really bad day for them.  But here goes:

Savage's is located in a beautiful part of town, right on the main street with wonderful little boutiques and shops.  You'd think this bakery would be a real treat, but alas, for me it was a huge disappointment.

My party of three ordered several things to try out:  strawberry cupcake, cream cheese melt-away, cinnamon melt-away, 2 petit fours, and an cheesecake type of pastry.

I tried the strawberry cupcake and had to literally spit it out.  It was dryer than the Sahara desert.  Disgusting.
I then tried the petit four and had to spit it out.  Again, so dry that I'm pretty sure it was days old.

My brother and friend tried to eat the melt-aways and both said that they tasted as if they were at least a day old or more.  These guys are not pastry snobs but neither finished their "treat."  That, to me, says more than what I could ever write in a review.

Their cake decorating skills seem to be primitive in comparison to some of the bakeries I have visited but are good enough for "common" people who do not care much about pristine design or flavor.

They did not have any forks, nor did they serve milk.  They charged us for ice in a cup so that we could drink water with our food.  Our only other option?  Coke products.  Coke with cake?  I think not.

The man who took our order was borderline rude and the lady who checked us out couldn't care less about the complaint...and these things weren't cheap!  I was angry I spent good money on really bad desserts, and worse--they didn't even bat an eye at my complaint.

Ironically, however, the place had several customers in it eating cake with Coke products.  It really left me wondering what in the world people are thinking when they feed themselves cake that should be a treat but is horrible.  Maybe they are just not picky.

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