Friday, July 8, 2011

White Windmill, Doraville, GA

This establishment is one of my greatest finds in all of my critique trips.  Located in an Asian influenced suburb of Atlanta, it brings customers in from miles around.
The pastry chef is from Korea, and in fact, just relocated to Doraville in the fall of 2010.  She does not yet speak English, so I had to have a translator to interview her for the critique.
She served me Mocha cake, Fruit Cream cake, and Mango Mousse cake.
The fresh fruit cream cake was exceptionally light and airy with only a very slightly sweet taste.  It was moist and fresh and the icing was whipped cream--only slightly sweet and not too heavy.  The fresh fruit on top was a blackberry compote.  It was delicious.
The second cake I tried was the Mango Mousse.
Outside on the actual cake was airbrushed squares of dark chocolate, for design purposes only.  There was no taste of chocolate present.  The inside of the cake was mango mousse, the top fresh mango puree with bits of fresh cut mango as a topping.
One bite of this cake made me actually say out loud "Oh my God!"  There was a burst of fresh, sweet mango that was heavenly, followed by the rich creamy smooth texture of the mousse.  What a delight!  The cake texture worked very well with the mousse, as the cake was very thin--almost like a crust instead of a cake, except the cake was very moist but sturdy.  I would drive 400 miles for another one of these cakes.

The last cake was the Mocha cake.  It was also a spongecake infused with mocha flavor, with a very lightly coffee flavored cream.  The texture was great, and the taste was just light enough to notice the coffee, but not overpowering like some cakes I have tasted in the past.  This cake would be great paired with milk for lunch or champagne for dinner.

White Windmill's decor is modern--velvet pillows on top of beautifully modern and clean decor.  It really has that "zen" feeling--very relaxing and calm.  One of my favorite decorating items in the store was the bright pink peonies in hand-made yellow vases.  The clever dried roses hanging from the ceilings, as if a wallpaper border, were also attention-grabbers.

Note that this restaurant also serves coffee, teas, sandwiches, and they have a huge variety of breads and cookies.  In fact, I liked the cake so much that I bought a sandwich--and the bread was one of the best I had ever eaten.  I came back with 7 bags of mini-cakes and cookies, all of which were superior to chain restaurant breads such as Panera's Bread.  The mini pound cakes and green tea cakes were super moist and perfectly sweet.  Perfect pairing with milk, coffee, or tea.  I could go on and on about this place.  I was simply absolutely impressed and I will also absolutely go back to this establishment the next time I am through Atlanta...and you should too!

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