Thursday, June 16, 2011

Montana Plains Bakery, Lynchburg, VA

Performing cake critiques is a job, albeit a very tasty job and one I enjoy for many reasons.  In my line of business as The Cake Critic, I taste the best confections on the market and it is very interesting because of the varying locations and specialties.

My review June 15, 2011 at Montana Plains Bakery in Lynchburg, VA was one I won’t soon forget.

I went to the original store, located about 15 minutes down the street, to find out my GPS had taken me to the wrong location.  I backtracked and found the new, quite lovely location in a seemingly new section of Lynchburg.  It is located in a very trendy, upscale area of town perfect for this establishment:  Wyndhurst.

Upon entering the store, I noticed how clean and modern it was, all the while being greeted by very friendly staff.  I took note of everything—the refrigerated section contained delectable treats of all types ranging from beautifully prepared strawberry salads to pies, cinnamon rolls dripping with icing, and a variety of large cookies.  At the end of the row I noticed several rows of beautiful cupcakes, and it was then I knew I was in for a real treat.

Lindsey, the manager and baker, offered me a seat while bringing out the baked goods she wanted me to critique.  She brought out several cupcakes, cake pops, and two 6-inch cakes, each appearing exquisite sitting on a silver tray lined with a doily.  I tried them all, enjoying the array of flavors and textures, in between sips of milk and lots of note taking.  One important aspect--they make everything from scratch using natural ingredients, and it was apparent to my taste buds that they were quality ingredients.

Although everything I tried was top-notch, my personal favorites were the Coconut Cake Pop and the Rosewater Cake.  I had two different takes on each one.  The coconut ball had a buttery/gooey sort of texture accompanied by the crunch of raw coconut, which went very well together.  It had a rich custard flavor which immediately placed it into the comfort food category, one which would uplift a mood.

The Rosewater Cake stood out on its own, creating a bit of a daydream inside my head.  The cake was beautifully simple, decorated with white rose infused buttercream and a few petals.  I could imagine eating this delicious cake, flavored with a light rosewater essence, with my girlfriends for afternoon tea.  The cake was light and not too sweet.  The amount of cake and frosting per bite was perfect, not leaving my tongue coated with sugar for the next bite.  This cake impressed me.  A lot.

Montana Plains Bakery has this cake flavor available for cupcake orders and special orders.  It is perfect for any girly get-togethers, including bridal or baby showers, bachelorette parties, or Mother’s Day.  It is great for any time you would like a non-ordinary but absolutely delicious cake, which for some of us (I’m clearing my throat here) is 100% of the time.

Montana Plains Bakery also serves up breakfast and lunch, and creates seasonal treats.  I hope they call me back this fall.  I am eager to experience their autumn cake flavor line.

Thank you for not charging me, and know that the word will be out--that rosewater cake is the BEST!  I'll be back!

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