Saturday, August 13, 2011

Piece-A-Cake, Raleigh, NC

Located in the best spot ever imagined, Piece - A- Cake Bakery has recently opened for business and is grabbing up David’s Bridal customers by the scores.  It is not unusual for there to be a line outside of the bakery on Saturday mornings by eager brides-to-be shopping for wedding attire.

Big picture windows showcase large wedding cakes as well as the potential designs for the brides with visions of wedding cakes in their heads.  Coming into the shop I was greeted by a very sweet receptionist and escorted to a tasting area.  I was provided with several flavors of cake to critique, including a traditional white cake, which is usually my favorite.  The most popular flavor currently served at this bakery is the chocolate cake with raspberry filling.  I tried it and it was definitely a keeper—the raspberry offering a zing on the tongue, making the cake sweet and fruity.

Although the shop is new, there are plans in the making for display units and framed photos of these beautiful cakes.  Accompanied by the detailed design by the owner, Stephanie English, as well as the prime real estate location, Piece - A- Cake will surely be a place I stop by for an in depth critique once the business is readily established—that is if I can push the brides aside to get inside the store.

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