Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cake Plates & Cake Stands

As you may know, I have an obsession with cake plates and stands.  I began my collection about 5 years ago while going to antique malls with my mother.  There were many old stands I wanted at that time, but most of them were way out of budget for me--being very old and/or rare.  There was a vaseline cake stand that glowed bright green that I considered buying at that time, and now I wish I had.  Today I found a supposedly antique vaseline stand for--gulp--$225.  Now some people might not bat an eye at such a price, but for a stand that may or may not be a real antique, my eyes were batting quite fiercely.

Of my many cake stands, my favorite one is the glass cobalt blue stand with a dome.  I look for domed stands only if the dome is of an unusual width or height, as obviously they can be exchanged fairly easily given the plate can hold the dome.

This week, for my birthday, I received an unusual cake plate from the 1950s from my mother, who often finds me these goodies at auctions.  I also got a new, very modern stand, so that's two more for the tops of my kitchen cabinets.  I have now run out of storage space but can't stop buying the cake stands that I love...

Cakes by Faith cake

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