Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cake Pops: It's What's for Weddings

Move over cupcakes and make room for the latest cake trend: cake pops. Invented by blogger, Angie Dudley, aka: "Bakerella," this trend has become a phenomenon in most urban areas of the world...and why not--they are an interesting take on cake. Now say that three times fast.

As The Cake Critic, I visit countless bakeries, and a good portion of those facilities now offer some form of cake pop. There are incredible hand-decorated cake pops all the way down to basic carrot cake pops rolled in nuts. What are they? Basically it is baked cake crumbled up, mixed with frosting, then stuck on a stick, dipped into frosting, and decorated.
For wedding receptions, brides are choosing cake pops in addition to a smaller cake to slice into. They can then display hundreds of cake pops on the cake table for guests to enjoy. This is a great idea for guests not wanting much dessert because of dietary constraints. On the flipside you get cake lovers like me who want to try each type of cake pop to really savor the different flavors and textures, so you need a lot of them, and they are not cheap. In the Raleigh, NC area, cake pops run between $1.75 to 2.50 each. For a bite or two of cake, that's steep.
With the birth of cake pops, there are beautiful, ornate cake pop displays being created for events, commonly consisting of a platform with small holes drilled so that the stick has a place to stand.Robert Edward Woodworking does phenomenal work on cake pop stands and is becoming so popular he probably cannot keep up with the demand.
Of course, many brides still opt for the traditional wedding cake, but having some cake pops on the side is a nice change of pace, adding dimension to a lovely event, and giving something fun for the children to enjoy. Everyone loves food on a stick. Cake on a stick is just that much better.

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