Friday, September 9, 2011

Business Card Confusion

Many of us use for free business cards and other marketing materials and sometimes that's OK   However, lately I have noticed an increased number of bakeries/bakers using the same exact design on their business card because they all get the free cards from Vistaprint.

Think about it.  You order your free cards by picking out one of their designs instead of paying a graphic artist, so you and 200 other bakers probably have the same "logo" which is how the public perceives the design on the card.  Now if these bakers all lived in one metropolitan area you can see where the business card confusion can begin to occur.

I can open my business card book right now and on the first page alone I can bet money that I would see four of the same business card designs, but each with a different business name.  There is nothing to distinguish the card other than the name or size of the font that particular person picked out.

We all know how important it is to hand out our calling cards to new customers.  We know how important it is to have a web presence.  Most of us have some sort of money crunch, and that's where we fall short.

Having the same card as everyone else tells potential customers that you are not making any money because if you were, you wouldn't be using the standard Vistaprint cards printed on flimsy paper.  Your business card tells your customers that you are "sturdy" or "weak" which is represented by the paper.  They tell them that you are "creative" which is represented by the design.  There are other elements, such as color choice and font choice, that all leave an impression with the end-user--your customer base.  You want, no you NEED your customers to remember you by your calling card. you want to be known as a flimsy, cheap baker who might close her doors due to lack of customers, or do you want to be known as a sturdy, reliable, colorful baker with a good eye for artwork and design?

The choice is your's.

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