Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rainy & Cold Weather Makes Me Want to Bake

Whenever the weather starts to turn cold, which always happens in September in North Carolina, I get the itch to bake.  In September my preference is baking apple pies.  I make a killer apple caramel pie that leaves my guests wanting more, and I pick my own apples up in Virginia.  I like picking "locally" with my kids in tow, and usually my mother with me, too.
We take our multiple bags back to her house and begin the process of cleaning and peeling the first of the apples for the pie at her house.  She makes a mean apple pie, too, different from mine but probably a thousand less calories per slice.  My mom's pie can be eaten for breakfast.  My pie is more for dessert--with vanilla ice cream.
As October cools us off, I find myself baking pound cakes.  I love making pound cakes, and enjoy sending them to work with my husband, although he sometimes scoffs at the idea.  Perhaps he wants it all for himself at home, I don't know...but I do know that my growing waistline appreciates donating some of my cake.

In November I make loaves of zucchini bread, banana bread, and coconut bread (my husband's favorite).  These sweet breads are more like cake, but for some reason they are called "breads."  They are great for breakfast slathered in some real butter.  I have my grandma's zucchini bread recipe--but she made it far better than I ever could make it, and she did it without a recipe card in front of her.

December 1st my decorations go up and I begin to bake cookies.  My traditional cookie takes a while to prepare, and I enjoy having all of my kids home with me during this traditional baking event.  We make the dough, let it chill, then roll it out.  That's the easy part.  Actually making them pretty is the hard part for us, especially when my little ones are involved.  Half the icing is on them and they lick their fingers while doing it, 50% of the time eating the cookie as they icing it, too.  What a sight!  I keep the "good for company" cookies to one side and the "family" cookies to the other side. now is the time of year for weight gain...that's all I really wanted to say here.  ;)

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