Friday, September 16, 2011

Wilton's Skull Cake Pan Inspires New Idea...

We've all heard of the company "Wilton" and know they are trustworthy for their baking supplies.  Many of us have taken Wilton decorating classes and perhaps even started our careers out via Wilton classes.

I was visiting the Wilton website this morning and noticed a must-have Halloween cake pan shaped as a skull.  It really got my creative juices flowing, especially since I am hosting a rather large Halloween party this year and have about 17 million ideas floating around in this skull of mine.  No pun intended.

Thinking about what I can do with this skull and my Haunted Mansion party theme, I realized that no holds are barred.  I could easily make a white ghostly face or leave it as a skull.  Easy.  Too easy.  No, what I want to do is make a transparent glow-in-the-dark ectoplasm for the frosting.

Baking cakes is something I can do with my eyes closed.  Decorating a skull cake with ectoplasm, well, is not something I have yet to consider and have never seen anyone else do either.

Having said this, I need some suggestions from my readers.  What would you do for a ghostly cake?  I will have black lights in the house and would want a greenish slime hue in the clear gel-like frosting.  Hmm...

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