Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake: Perfect for Halloween

Tonight I had the pleasure of covering a beautiful couple's wedding, AND eating their cake, which was not only spectacular to look at (beyond wonderful) but the flavor left me almost speechless!  The cake had several layers of flavors, but I was only able to physically eat one slice (I couldn't hog down their cake ;) though the thought crossed my mind, believe me!)...
The flavors of the cakes included:

Marble with cookies and cream mousse
Spice cake with vanilla mousse
Red velvet with vanilla filling
Yellow with chocolate mousse

I tried the marble cake with cookies and cream mousse.  The cake was supremely moist, the fondant was delicious--with a very smooth bite-able texture to it that I so loved, and the mousse had a buttery, almost slippery flavor and texture, which complimented the entire confection.  The bride's father noticed me sitting alone at the reception and joined me for cake.  We both really enjoyed this flavor.  In fact, it was so good I took a piece to my mother's house for her at the father's request.  She raved about it, too.  Exceptional!  

Bakery:  M.A.D. Crafted Cakes in Madison Hts, VA.  Bakers:  Michele & Derrick Smith.  Pure geniuses.  Interview to come in November 2011 on my next trip up this direction.

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