Monday, November 7, 2011

Good Cupcake Tin Use: Easy Egg Sandwiches

While looking at Pinterest today I came across a recipe to make easy breakfasts ahead of time for the family.  Key word here is EASY.  I like easy.

The recipe, listed on the blog "All Things Homie," calls for your cupcake tin, sprayed down with Pam.  You then plop in a slice of Canadian bacon, an egg, and some cheese.  Bake at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes.

Once cooked, place between a toasted English muffin.  I have a 12 slot cupcake tin, so that means I will be making enough meals for all four of us for three days.  Three days of no worrying about breakfast!  I'm game.  All you then have to do is microwave the concoction and toast your muffin, add them together, then eat!

Instead of Canadian bacon, I am going to use the bacon crumbles I use in my soups.  It's precooked and ready to go.  Next time I fry bacon I will put some back for these little breakfast sandwiches.

How cool is this?  Very cool if you ask me.  My boys are big egg eaters and always want me to cook for them in the mornings but I don't always have the time to do so in between getting them dressed and ready for school, dressing myself, letting the dog out, etc.  Time savers are always big bonuses to me and I will use this one for the rest of this week, or until the kids are tired of egg sandwiches.  :)

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