Saturday, December 24, 2011

Coconut Angel Food Cake

It's past midnight here in Cary, NC on Christmas Eve.  I have a million things to do, but wanted to stop for a moment to wish my readers a Merry Christmas.
My traditional Christmas cake is a coconut angel food cake.  It is beyond excellent and guaranteed not to last the evening.  Tonight I made one but couldn't find my coconut extract, so had to send my husband out looking for some at the last minute.  I thought for sure my cake would flop because I had already starting beating the eggs prior to sending him out, but surprisingly it turned out beautiful!
I haven't frosted it yet, but wanted to post some pictures of me making the cake.  One of these days I'll put up a tutorial on how to make this particular cake because it is so incredibly good...but not tonight...or today I should say.
Here are a few photos:

12 egg whites, cream of tartar, coconut extract, sugar, salt

Beating it until stiff peaks form.

Almost there! Fold in flour mixture and then bake it...and it turns out like this:

Cool it upside down and use a knife to loosen the cake

My cake awaiting its frosting in my favorite cake stand/dome.

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