Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's National Cupcake Day!

Of course I celebrate it.  Why do you even ask?

The problem for me will be deciding on which bakery to buy these little devils--local or not-so-local.  My favorite banana cupcake bakery takes me 45 minutes to get there.  I'm really not up for that today, nor am I really craving bananas.

What I am craving is my homemade coconut cake, which I've been debating on making now or waiting until our Christmas Eve dinner with family and friends.  Hmm...such decisions.  Of course my waistline does not need extra sweets right now, particularly after a 7 day Caribbean cruise with a pastry chef who could have supplied all of Southern Florida with goodies for one meal...and I think I consumed half of that myself.

Today I believe I will visit Sweet Memories in Apex.  I haven't been there in a while and will see what Donna Ford is up to today.

In any case, Happy National Cupcake Day!

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