Monday, December 12, 2011

On my wish list:
Baker fairy ornaments
Cupcake people
Big slices of cake

I have a white Christmas Tree and I love making it into a fantasy tree every Christmas.  As a child, my favorite poem had illustrations of a candy land type of scenario.  I specifically remember seeing a river of chocolate, lollipops growing from trees, gumdrops on the ground, and miscellaneous goodies scattered here and there.

My sister and I would sit on the floor, book in my lap, and choose which one of these sweets would be "mine." There was one particular lollipop that both of us would go for, but I was the faster one.  My sister would get so angry at me for getting there with my finger before her own finger could point to it...

So there ya go.  My fantasy childhood tree has come to life.  Of course, the only thing edible on my tree are the candy canes...but my kids have a great time arguing over who gets to "eat" what on the tree every year.

It's time to put up the tree and start my holiday baking!

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