Friday, December 30, 2011

Too Much Icing

I would like to know who started the trend where cupcakes have to have 4 inches or more of icing in order to appeal to customers.

Customers do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT eat that much icing.  It's impossible to open one's mouth that wide first of all, and secondly, who wants that much icing in one bite?  It ends up covering the tip of the nose and makes the cupcake consumer feel like a 2 year old.

Not only that, but since it all gets scraped off (I'd like to hear from someone who actually consumes it.) it all goes into the trash can.  It is pure and utter waste.

I'm tired of these fancy cupcake stores selling mediocre cupcakes loaded with 4 oz of frosting.  The cake might taste good, and the cupcake might be pretty, but who wants to spend $3 on a cupcake just for frosting that will be knocked off immediately?  I personally do not.

I suggest doing the following:

1.  Make a good cake batter.  Do not fill the cake with more icing.  That's overkill.  I do not eat filled cupcakes unless they are filled with something other than icing.
2.  Make a special frosting for that particular cake batter recipe.  In other words, if you are making a lemon cupcake, make sure your frosting or glaze goes with the cake.
3.  Do not put too much frosting on the top of the cupcake.  One inch is enough.  You can make it lovely with one inch.  I promise.  Figure out how to do it.
4.  Sprinkles, sparkles, and other additions:  be careful how much you use, and be aware of what textures you are putting on top of the cupcake that may not actually go with the cupcake.  I am a texture oriented person.  I am not fond of sprinkles of any kind, but sometimes it is ok to have sprinkles.  If the topping adds crunch, think about if that crunch is needed.

On a nice smooth cake and frosting, that crunch might be distracting to the palette.

Need help?   Contact me.  I'll give you advice.  You might not like it, but at least you know where I stand.


  1. I've had GiGis' once. The cake was good but the icing had to go. It is way too much icing. I think everyone wants to be different but at what cost. Hopefully they will come down on the icing.

  2. I have a niece who hates cake but loves icing so she likes those big icing cupcakes. The big cupcakes ( like Gigi's) are great for eating 1/3 or 1/2 now and rest later. We use spoons to get through the icing and don't have any problems.