Sunday, February 19, 2012

Publix Wedding Cake

I'm not usually one who enjoys a grocery store cake of any kind, but after doing a wedding yesterday in Atlanta, GA for a bride who had a vintage wedding theme, I changed my mind.  Why?

For one, I never truly stopped to think about what cake means to people other than myself.  Cake is the ultimate dessert for me, but that doesn't ring true for all people.  I like the design of the cake, of course, but ultimately it's the taste that makes the cake "perfect" if there truly is such a thing.

This wedding, with it's vintage, nostalgic flair, had the perfect wedding cake.  The wedding was elegant yet casual; fancy yet down-to earth.  The cake was simple.  The flavor was simple.  It fit absolutely 100% in with the entire wedding theme, and, I might add, it tasted pretty darn good.  The cake was marbled, but very light, with a whipped frosting.  Plain and simple, and pretty much perfect.

Ladies and gentleman, this is a cake by the grocery store, Publix.

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