Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wedding Dessert Bar: Homestyle Elegance

As the Wedding Story Writer, I attended a wedding February 18, 2012 in Decatur (suburb of Atlanta), GA to write Emily & John's wedding story.  As The Cake Critic, naturally I am drawn to the wedding cake (you can see my comments in my previous post regarding the wedding cake itself).  One of the neatest things for me about this vintage inspired wedding was the goodie table.  The couple had a "Bake Shop," aside from the actual wedding cake.  It included a beautiful pie, chocolate cake, pound cake that was absolutely to die for, a cobbler, and some fresh berries and cream.  Since I was working I couldn't sample everything, but did eat the pound cake.  I can honestly say that it was one of the best pound cakes I've ever had--moist, dense, and very buttery, and topped with whipped cream it was pure heaven.  I would have gladly taken the leftovers off their hands and I'm not kidding here.  It was that good.

Check out their beautiful table--all food and design set-up by their caterer, Zest Atlanta:

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