Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Rundown on my Hollywood Trip

My new look
You don't realize how much you do on a daily basis until you leave for ten days.  I was in Hollywood, CA last month promoting my new company, and while there had a really great time.  Not only did I attend a gala event where I met Barbara van Orden and  Rose Marie, but also got to hang out with awesome Gary Lane and Larry Lane--the Twins, met the wonderfully sweet and comical Ken Werther whom I just adore, and a bunch of gorgeous actors too numerous to name.  I even met the actor, Eddie Deezen, from Grease and Ace Young from American Idol.  So...for the past few weeks I've been playing catch-up.

Michelle & Eddie Deezen

Barbara Van Orden & Michelle

Jeremy Glazer and I.  sigh.

Michelle & The Rose Marie

Michelle with Larry Lane and Gary Lane.  I think Gary is on the right.  :)

Cake?  Yes, of course. There was plenty of that.  In fact, too much.  We hit bakeries and bought at least 7 items at a time so that we all could try them.  That's the fun part of being The Cake Critic.  Occasionally someone actually recognizes who I am in a bakery because they've seen my site.  That's cool.

Anyway, so I'm back, with a new look and a few extra pounds that I need to remove somehow.  You see, I can't seem to lose weight sitting at my laptop and eating cupcakes all day.  They say I should actually move at some point to burn a calorie or two.  LOL  Well...yes...(sigh) to be 29 again--that young metabolism...  Was I ever 29...really?  I can barely recall it now.

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