Saturday, May 5, 2012

Down Home Family-Style Wedding Cake

This wedding cake sat in the middle of the head table, which wasn't your traditional head table, mind you.  It was family style, the whole them of the wedding itself.

At this reception, the main wedding cake was a two-tier cake resembling packages.  Surrounding the "packages" were Ball jars filled with Chex Mix--takeaways for the guests to enjoy later.

On each table sat a crate like this one, with two chalkboards on 2 sides and Ball jars on the other 2 sides.  Each table was named after a favorite TV show or book of the couple.  Each table also had a small wedding cake, enough for 6-8 people to enjoy.

The cake was incredibly moist and we think it was a sweet potato cake, but not 100% sure.  The fondant was excellent--very moist and chewy, how I like it.  Not much buttercream was used, which was such a blessing, too.

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