Friday, May 4, 2012

Edible Art, Raleigh, NC

Tonight I was incredibly lucky enough to attend an event where Edible Art of Raleigh NC had a booth.  They had three flavors for clients to sample.  I could not stay away from the orange cake.  Those who know my tastes know that if I say I can't stay away from a particular cake, it must be phenomenal.  Well...this one is phenomenal...and it's made from scratch!

Not to say that their white cake and almond cakes were not phenomenal (they absolutely were!!!!!) but the orange cake really got my attention.

Edible Art switched hands last year.  They have rebranded their logo and style, and have produced some new recipes, such as this age-old orange cake that is so good I could have taken the entire cake home with me.  The next kid in my family gets an orange cake for her birthday regardless of if she wants-it-or not-type-of-good.  Get my drift?

ORDER THIS CAKE!  You won't be dissatisfied.  (Unless you don't like orange cake I guess.)

Oh, and here are some samples of what their wedding cakes can look like, ladies.  Note the incredible (edible) art on the cake?  Want a tasting?  Call them now and tell them The Cake Critic referred you!
(919) 856-0604 

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