Frequently Asked Questions

What flavors should I make for you to try on my consultation?
I prefer the baker to make that choice for me.  Many bakers base their choice on new recipes they would like me to taste prior to selling them to the public.  Other bakers might want me to try their best recipe.  Because I do not have a preference nor do I have food allergies, I always leave it up to the client.

I am a home baker and prefer meeting in a place outside of my home.
Most home bakers meet me at a local Starbucks or other coffee shop for their critique, which I prefer.

Do you prefer cakes or cupcakes?  I also bake cookies; did you want to try some of my cookies?
Again, I will try what is presented to me.  I have no preference.  If you make cakes normally, I would suggest you make a cake for the critique.  I don’t mind trying your cookies, however, I am not a cookie critic as I do not bake cookies on a regular basis.  I will give you my opinion on them if you would like that, and if you are trying to market cookies in your showcase I will be happy to provide you with some business advice on how to go forward with the idea.

I need help with formulating a recipe.  Is that something you can do?
With 28 years of baking experience, it is likely that I will be able to diagnose your baking problem, however, I do not formulate recipes with my clients.  That is something you would have to do yourself.  I am in the process of publishing a cookbook to be released in 2012.  I can give you recipe ideas and advice on what is popular, and let you work on your recipe.

We met last year for a critique and you gave me great advice.  Since then I have come up with several new recipes.  I need some help.  Would you care to meet again strictly to try my new cakes?
I am frequently called on by local clients to try new recipes for cakes, frostings, and fillings.  This is not an unusual request and I do this from time to time.  Some bakers drop off cakes for me to try at home rather than meet for a time.  I then provide feedback via phone or email.  

I am hosting a cake contest for locals to submit their best home recipes.  Would you be interested in being a judge for this event?  We provide hotel accommodations for traveling judges.
Thank you for your request.  I am always delighted to be a judge for bake-offs.  Please send me complete information about the event—date, location, accommodations offered, and other requirements.  I  will certainly consider the event and will be in contact with you shortly.

Hi Cake Critic, I am interested in helping you with the events you attend.  I live in Glasgow, KY.  If you are ever in the area, please let me know.  I would love to meet you and can help with your booth if you have one.
Thank you so much!  I have several large conventions to attend in 2012.  There is one near your area.  I will put you on my volunteer list.  Thank you again for offering your precious time!

Would you be interested in providing content for my blog?
Providing content is one of my specialties.  I need to know details on what type of website you have, what content is required, the frequency, and other pertinent information.  Please call me so that we may discuss this request.

Our group is looking for some beginners cake classes and I saw that you do that sort of thing.  I need to know if you can teach your Cake Critic 101 class in January 2012 to a group of 15 ladies looking to start up a bakery.  What do you charge, and would you be willing to fly out to Omaha, NE to teach the class?  We have heard really good things about you and really would like to have you here.
Aww...thank you so much for your kind words.  I really appreciate that!  My CC101 class details are located on my "Classes" page.  Please take a look.  As for flying to Nebraska, that all depends on my schedule.  My fees would have to include airfare and hotel costs for the trip.