Critique Requirements

Requirements for The Cake Critic Review

  • All appointments must be confirmed 24-48 hours in advance via email or phone.
  • The Cake Critic has no dietary requirements.
  • The Cake Critic requires a glass of milk, water, or unsweet hot tea to cleanse palette in between bites.
  • She requires one clean fork (or spoon) for each flavor to be tasted and a napkin.
  • Most tastings require 30-45 minutes, but some will be longer due to the amount of samples she is trying, note-taking, interview questions  and advice given.
  • If "on-camera" on the day of your review, you will be required to sign a release form.  (You will be notified in advance if a camera crew will be accompanying The Cake Critic to the review.)
  • Have a list of questions handy in regards to your business hopes and needs.

Thumbs Up Rating System

Both thumbs up = Excellent.  Outstanding.  Cannot spot a problem with cakes, frostings, presentation, customer service, decor or any other aspect of establishment.
Thumbs up = Almost perfect, with only slight aspects to consider in regards to cakes, frostings, presentation, customer service, decor, or any other aspect of establishment.
Flat Hand = Good, but work needs to be done to improve in the same areas.
Thumbs down = Unimpressive.  Needs serious work in all areas.
Upside down cupcake = Negative on so many aspects that it ends up being repulsive.

Email:  thecakecritic @ (with no spaces)